Our Service



We offer the best quality orchid flowers on site, throughout the year, to corporates, retailers and the hospitality industry as well as to private residences as rental contracts for 1, 2 or 3 year maintenance contracts. The contract entails the initial assessment of the room/s envisaged for the flowers, proposals for various options of arrangements and suitable display vases to compliment the arrangement and it’s surroundings.

Upon signing of the contract, plants are delivered and positioned on location and maintained every 10 days by our greenhouse technicians dressed in professional attire, who will water and feed the plants and check on the general health of the plants.

When the plants show signs of changing blooms, stress or illness they will be replaced at no additional cost.






We aspire to be a world class service company that delivers opulence to enrich our client’s environment with superior sustainable orchid flower arrangements and the best possible maintenance and service.



We strive to cultivate world class orchid flowers that reflect opulence and luxury and to be seen as the standard that all other plant contract companies are measured against.